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Skills tracking is about truly knowing everything about the product you are trying to sell - yourself! We are all far more capable of doing things than we realize. Your Skills describe what you know how to do, things of which you have proven yourself capable. Your Portfolio holds a record of all the things you've ever made, while Your Employers are evidence that your skills are in demand and appreciated by people other than yourself.

MySkillsTracker stores all your data offline, on your iPhone or iPad. You cannot know which of your skills or achievements will be needed for a future job, so document everything. Future versions of MySkillsTracker will include iCloud integration so that you can seamlessly access your records from any of your Apple devices, as well as the ability to easily extract relevant information from your database for inclusion in customized resumes that you will need, while retaining this present version's offline working capability. The app includes further information on this whole concept of Skills Tracking, as well as detailed help for each input field, accessible within the app's specialized screens.


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