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Welcome to, where the icy North Wind sparks our creativity and crystallizes our ideas into apps and games that integrate our very own original artwork, design and music.

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CreativeIce apps feature mainly original content, including game/storyline ideas, artwork and music produced by us. Occasionally we may incorporate sound effects or images sourced from the public domain or under the CreativeCommons license.
The characters you see in our kids apps were imagined and drawn by Bethany Tee, age 11 at the time. Graphic design is by Minni Ang.

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Programming & Music
All programming and music is by Minni Ang.
Copyright Information

Original work in our apps is protected under Canadian & International Copyright Law ®1120061. *The following labels were originally created and used and are still owned by Minni K. Ang: Musicmall Conservatoire Productions Pte Ltd, Musicmall Productions, and Inspired! CreativeIce™.