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Welcome to, where the icy North Wind sparks our creativity and crystallizes our ideas into apps and games that integrate our very own original artwork, design and music.

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Try our newest app: Draw In 3D
We draw using a drawing tool (pen, pencil, etc) to make markings on a flat canvas. Draw in 3D in that same intuitive way, with your phone as your tool and the world as your canvas. What sets this app apart is its ability to save your artwork in your own virtual art gallery, as 3D objects that you can interact with and view from any angle.
If you love to draw, drawing in 3D is an exciting new experience, elegantly expanding your natural way of drawing (by moving your drawing tool on a flat surface in an up, down, left or right direction) with two additional dimensions: away from yourself and towards yourself (forward and backward). Master this innovative 21st-century drawing technique and position yourself as a pioneer artist in this new world of virtual art. Envision the future where augmented reality allows us to visit virtual art galleries, viewing 3D art pieces placed in the selected viewing venue through the screen of your mobile device, just like Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Your phone is your augmented reality pen: freely change your ink colour and nib size. 

Save your creations in your 3D Art Gallery. You can enter your gallery and "handle" individual pieces in your collection, rotating your work to admire it from every angle, and even freely moving your art piece in 3D virtual space like you would a real physical small piece of sculpture, zooming in for a closer look, turning it sideways, upside down or from any perspective you like without restriction.
Then place your virtual objects in your real-world exhibition space, and invite your audiences to walk through your augmented reality personal art gallery! Transform your home, school, empty field, or any physical location of your choosing, into your very own exhibition space, revealing the magic of your exhibits when visitors view the seemingly empty spaces filled with your very own 3D drawings.