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Welcome to, where the icy North Wind sparks our creativity and crystallizes our ideas into apps and games that integrate our very own original artwork, design and music.

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Kids Apps
DinoBattle.png   DinoBattleOnTheAppStore

Become a dinosaur and challenge your friends in this fun two-player battle game! You can choose to be one of six dinosaurs: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus or Tyrannosaurus Rex. Each has its own unique strength and weakness, but what matters most is your own speed - the faster you attack, the more chance you have of winning. Great fun for all ages!

ChibiBirdBanner.jpeg   link to iTunes app page

Learning to count has never been so fun! But this isn't just a game for little kids - challenge your friends to see who can count the fastest. Count with ChibiBird is an addictive original new game where players flick ChibiBird out the window to strike floating numbers out of the sky. And don't forget to keep the volume on - you won't want to miss the cool original music and cute voiceovers!

ChibiGirl.jpg   link to iTunes app page

Help ChibiGirl gather flowers by tapping the screen to show her where to run, but avoid the grumpy gardener who makes her drop a few each time he catches her! If you're wondering what "Chibi" is, it's a branch of Manga art. If you're wondering what "Manga" is.... google will tell you ;)


This is a basic operations calculator, geared towards junior elementary school kids. You can only add, subtract, divide or multiply with it, but it's 100% free!